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article image Sony HiFi systems suit all needs.

NOT so long ago, if you wanted to treat your ears to top quality sound, the only place you'd get it would be at a top-end digital cinema. Now, thanks to tremendous advances in digital technology, you can get stunningly realistic sound quality at home.

Sony HiFi systems give remarkable sound reproduction for DVD movies, digital television and even CD audio.

Sony HiFi systems come in all shapes and sizes, to suit every room size and every budget – from a wireless surround sound system to a compact stereo; whether you want to play music, movies, or games.

For a small and smart, the DHCAZ3DM 200W DVD Mini HiFi unit is ideal. It can play anything - DVDs, CDs, MP3s and a whole lot more.

The unit is USB compatible, so it can be easily connected to a computer, or play sounds directly from a USB memory device like the Sony MicroVault.

The DAVLF10 system provides cinema quality sound with wireless 5.1 surround sound speakers. It is wireless, with powerful yet pristine sound reproduction.

With crystal clear sound reproduction and remarkable power, Sony's S-Master amplifier technology can transform a living room into just about any environment imaginable.

Unlike other amplifiers, S-Master's signal stays digital throughout its processing, so it's not affected by analogue noise and distortion.

The system is energy-efficient, therefore Sony can design them smaller without compromising on sound quality.

These innovations won the S-Master system a coveted European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) Award for audio innovation.

Sony's exclusive S-DIAT (Sony Digital Infrared Audio Transmission) system uses infrared beams to transmit sound signals to wireless speakers.

This makes Sony wireless Hi-Fi systems more reliable than conventional wireless sound systems, which can be prone to interference from other appliances.

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