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article image The SonoCustom does not interfere with other protection equipment.

SONOMAX’S products provide significant improvements over conventional hearing protection, such as the SonoCustom HPD. This device was designed for the ‘real world’ in ear testing. The company will display the SonoCustom and other innovative products at this year’s Sydney Safety Show (stand N16).

Sonomax’s SonoCustom HPD means employers and employees no longer need to rely on laboratory averages or a ‘one size fits all’ methodology. When the fitting process is complete, portable application, running on a laptop computer, generates a quantified pink noise sweep of the most heard frequencies (from 63Hz to 8,000Hz) and measures the sound levels within the ear canal. By computing the results for each ear the exact protection level is provided.

Ultimate comfort is essential. Disposable foam ear plugs and earmuffs often cause discomfort and irritations due mostly to the ‘one size fits all’ general usage. Protective eyewear worn under earmuffs frequently break the acoustic seal and thereby significantly reduces the protection level. The SonoCustom HPD is designed to counteract this problem.

The SonoCustom HPD is custom moulded to provide an acoustic seal from soft, hypoallergenic silicone. No pressure points exist and the device does not interfere with other protection equipment. The surface of the SonoCustom is antistatic which helps keep them clean and resists contamination from the environment.

All too often HPD's are provided with the highest protection level ratings. This is somewhat of a compensation for the lack of the ability to test the HPD in ‘real world’. However, if a person removes the hearing protector in order to communicate in a noise exposed environment they significantly effect their daily noise limit.

The SonoCustom can be fitted with almost any communication device by way of an acoustic coupler inserted into the sound bore. This provides clear communication without background noise and without the risk of hearing loss.

Over-protection is at times considered more significant a problem than under-protection. A person who can not hear audible warnings is at risk of bodily injury. By entering a person's noise exposure level into the SonoPass software, an optimum protection level can be calculated using sophisticated algorithms. The SonoCustom HPD can then be adjusted using acoustic filters to achieve the optimum protection level.

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