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Home theatre kit provided by Sonofonic

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Sonofonic  offers range of home theatre kits. The Sonofonic system offered by Sonofonic is cost effective way to enhance the sound quality in any space. These Sonofonic systems are light and easy to install products. Sonofonic systems made available by Sonofonic are flexible products that can adapt to any specific room dimensions. A variety of components are provided with Sonofonic systems to cover a broad frequency range.

Additionally, Sonofonic systems from Sonofonic are supplied with complete range of designer fabrics and are supported by simple instructions. Sonofonic Base Trap is also extended by Sonofonic in sizes up to 2 metres x 1 metres x 100 millimetres. This product treats low frequency reverberation and is offered in wide range of colours. Sonofonic Ceiling Panels are available in 1200 millimetres x 1200 millimetres x 100 millimetres size from Sonofonic. These are intended to treat floor to ceiling reflections.

Sonofonic Ceiling Panels are suspended by chain and can be backlight for added feature. Sonofonic Wall Panels are also provided by Sonofonic in size up to 2.4 metres x 1.2 metres. These are custom fixing system and picture panels are also available. Sonofonic further provides internal design of room and other space as specified by acoustic design consultants.

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