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Paper recycling and packing products offered by Sonoco Composite Cans

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Sonoco Composite Cans  was established in 1899. Sonoco Composite Cans is a global manufacturer of industrial and consumer packing products. Sonoco Composite Cans offers packaging services to customers in more than 85 nations, with approximately 335 operations in 35 countries. Sonoco Composite Cans has its corporate headquarters in Hartsville, South Carolina, USA. Sonoco Composite Cans creates long-term and all encompassing packaging solutions. Sonoco Composite Cans is one among the leaders in recycling industry like reel recycling, paper recycling and core recycling.

Additionally, Sonoco Composite Cans provides engineered and protective custom designed protective packaging solutions. The products and services offered in this category are Sonobase® carrier systems, Proprietary Sonopost® technology and more. These products serve applications like office furnishings, household appliances, automotive, fitness equipment and more. Sonoco Composite Cans offers wooden, composite and metal reels for the wire and cable industry. This includes nailed wooden, plywood, Baker™ steel, recycled and poly-fibre reels.

Furthermore, Sonoco Composite Cans specialises in engineered plastic products and innovative solutions. This range of products and services includes manufacturing in injection molding and extrusion technologies, product design, tool design and fabrication. These serve various industries like filtration, automotive, medical, healthcare, food services, textiles, wire and cable, plumbing and more.

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