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Packaging solutions and paper mill services provided by Sonoco Composite Cans

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Sonoco Composite Cans  is one of the leading providers of superior quality and innovation total packaging solutions to the clients. Sonoco Composite Cans has more than hundred years of experience in this industry. Mission of Sonoco Composite Cans is offer cost effective products to selected value added segments for customer preferred packaging solutions. Commitment to excellence, environmental stewardship, integrity and safe workplace are the hallmarks of culture of Sonoco Composite Cans.

Additionally, Sonoco Composite Cans dedicated to developing a diverse and global workforce. Sonoco Composite Cans has its corporate headquarters in Hartsville, South Carolina, USA. Some of the key components of sustainability strategy of Sonoco Composite Cans are responsibility of addressing critical social issues in the operational communities, sustainability maximises shareholder value and conducting business in line with all legal requirements and sound environmental practices.

The products offered by Sonoco Composite Cans include agricultural cores, beverage insulators, coasters, composite reels, concrete forms, automotive components, fibre mining tubes, electrical tubes and cores, filtration products, food service products, glass covers, flexible pouches and bags, residential construction products, shipping products and more. Some of the services offered by Sonoco Composite Cans are custom folding, flexible film lamination, online ordering, cylinder engraving, flexographic printing, graphics management, recycling, paper mill services and more.

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