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Composite cans and rigid paperboard containers from Sonoco Composite Cans

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Sonoco Composite Cans  is one of the leading providers of composite cans and rigid paperboard containers. Sonoco Composite Cans specialises in paperboards. Products and services in this category are Stancap® glass covers, Custom-printed Rixie™ coasters and other paper amenities. These serve various applications in catering services, cruise lines, airlines, hotels and resorts, restaurants, casinos, country clubs, healthcare facilities and more. Sonoco Composite Cans offers services like packaging supply chain management, including global brand artwork management, custom packing, scalable service centres and more.

Tubes and cores are also supplies by Sonoco Composite Cans, which includes paperboard tubes, roll packaging, molded plugs and more. These are offered to various industries like paper mill, shipping and storage, construction, film, metal, tape and label, textiles, converters and more. Sonoco Composite Cans also supplies recycled paperboard, boxboard, linerboard, chipboard, tube board, etc for spiral winders, beverage insulators, paper manufacturing and more.

Some of the other products from Sonoco Composite Cans are paperboard cans, single-wrap paperboard packages, paperboard pails, fibre cartridges and more. Sonoco Composite Cans extends rigid plastic packaging and rigid paper packaging. Innovative and flexible printed packaging solutions are also provided by Sonoco Composite Cans. Some of the major markets serviced by Sonoco Composite Cans include automotive, beverages, construction, dough, fibre optics, gaming, hospitality, medicine, nutrition, paper manufacturing, recycling, shipping, textiles, wires and cables and more.

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