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Efficient engineering services and profiling services from Sonnex Engineering

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Sonnex Engineering  specialises in providing general as well as specialised engineering services to different industries. One among the different engineering services provided by Sonnex Engineering includes laser cutting services. Sonnex Engineering is specialised in the laser cutting services. The design/drafting department of Sonnex Engineering uses the advanced AutoCAD and Inventor software.

Additionally, Sonnex Engineering offers precision laser cutting services as well as profiling services with minimal labour costs. Sonnex Engineering has the capability of providing precision laser cutting services on different surfaces including mild steel, stainless steel as well as aluminium. Mild steel can be precision cut up to 32 millimetres, while stainless steel can be laser cut up to 32 millimetres. Aluminium can be precision cut to about 16 millimetres. Sonnex Engineering can provide laser cutting services for any quantity at cost effective rates.

Laser cutting services provided by Sonnex Engineering have several advantages that include faster processing times, high quality cut produced quick set up, fast turnaround times as well as can be set up quickly. Sonnex Engineering offers these laser cutting services with the aid of Hako-Whitney laser cutting machine that consumes about seven kilowatt powers. This laser cutting machine is capable of performing both laser cutting as well as precision folding of different metalwork components.

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