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SonicWALL updates SonicWALL Aventail SSL VPN remote access platform

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SonicWALL Inc.,  a leading secure network infrastructure company, has launched the latest version of its SonicWALL Aventail SSL VPN remote access platform.

Available immediately SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 is designed to address an organisation's immediate need to provide secure remote universal access to the network.

SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 builds on the Aventail remote access control platform by enhancing features that detect the security of the end point, protect applications through unified policy and authentication and connect users securely to applications.

Enhanced functionality in SonicWALL's Aventail 9.0 includes integration with SonicWALL's GMS platform for centralised management and monitoring of multiple SonicWALL devices, updated IPsec Replacement features that lower the costs of replacing IPsec with SSL VPNs and Mac OS 10.5 Leopard support.

SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 is a secure remote access solution on the market providing universal access to one gateway, a seamless end user experience and a centralised management model for all access methods including Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Mac and any mobile devices, managed or unmanaged, including SmartPhones and PDA users.

Highlighted features of the updated SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 remote access control solution are designed to detect, protect and connect:

Detect with updated data protection: SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 has expanded its platform coverage for Aventail's Cache Cleaner for Mac OS 10.5 Leopard and Secure Desktop for full support for Microsoft IE7 and Microsoft Vista.

Protect with integrated centralised management: Along with enhancements to Aventail's licensing controls and back-end connectivity testing, SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 now integrates with the SonicWALL GMS platform.

Now administrators can leverage the SonicWALL GMS platform to centrally manage and monitor Aventail appliances and multiple SonicWALL devices on one central management platform.

Connect with enhanced Aventail Smart Access and Smart Tunneling Capabilities: SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 provides IT managers with the right solution to upgrade from IPsec to SSL VPN with the several leading transport mechanisms for remote access control and support for Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard).

Static IP Assignment provides support for applications that require a one to one mapping of IP address to users.

Tunnel Fallback provides another form of high availability for tunnel connections that is on par with what many IPsec solutions provide.

Network Precedence allows for the selection of the local network or the corporate network in the event of any conflicts between resources on the local network and resources on the corporate network.

Terminating Existing Connections provides additional security for tunnel connections, ensuring that the device cannot be leveraged by another user/connection to access the device while the tunnel connection is active.

An additional tunnel configuration option, Redirect All-Non Local, allows the administrator to specify access to resources on the local network including printers even when the connection is set to redirect all.

By leading the market in ease of use, ease of policy, control, application reach, and end point security, while enabling complete reach to all network resources with an SSL-based Layer 3 tunnel, granular policy and bi-directional access controls, SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 works over any type of network connection, wired or wireless.

In addition, network administrators can extend remote access to all users regardless of location.

SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 maintains fast and advanced end point checking as well as other advanced features: Advanced Reporting, Advanced Microsoft Active Directory Support, Virtual Keyboard, Device Watermarking, Quarantine Zones, End Point Control for mobile devices, simplified setup with Dynamic Groups, single sign-on (SSO) support with Dual/Stacked Authentication and Forms-Based Configuration, Session Persistence for roaming access, enhanced Citrix support, and NAT mode for Smart Tunneling that streamlines administrative support of IP address pools.

"This latest version of SonicWALL Aventail award-winning secure remote access solution is the first step in integrating Aventail into the SonicWALL family of products," said Chris Witeck, director of product marketing at SonicWALL.

"SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 was specifically built for IT administrators looking for a viable IPsec Replacement strategy and round their network security infrastructure with easily-to-manage, cost-effective network security infrastructure products. Enterprises can now rely on SonicWALL's E-Class family of products for their entire security infrastructure."

SonicWALL's Aventail 9.0 SSL VPN is available immediately through SonicWALL's worldwide channel of resellers and service providers.

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