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SonicWALL Email Security for Windows Small Business Server 2008

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SonicWALL  have expanded their family of Email Security solutions with the release of SonicWALL Email Security for Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SES for SBS). SonicWALL’s Email Security help organisations to protect themselves from spam, viruses, phishing and other harmful threats in email attacks by combining the powerful protection of threat management, content filtering, policy management and compliance infrastructure functionality. The new solution brings this high-performance and easy-to-use protection against all forms of email security threats to SBS users.

Allen Schoonmaker, Product Line Manager, SonicWALL said that Email attacks are becoming exponentially more complex, putting increased pressures on small businesses that need an easy-to-use solution. Now Microsoft customers can easily download the Email Security solution from SonicWALL, directly onto their Small Business Server system, to protect their organisations against spam, phishing, and other malware. SonicWALL optimise the blockage of spam from reaching Small Business Server 2008, thereby improving server performance and delivering low cost of ownership.

SonicWALL Email Security is an award-winning anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, policy and compliance management e-mail protection solution. Available as a hardened appliance or as Windows software, SonicWALL Email Security protects inbound and outbound e-mail for organisations of less than 25 to over 100,000 users. SonicWALL Email Security for Windows Small Business Server is the latest offering in the line, designed to meet the needs of small businesses with an easy-to-install, easy-to-manage solution.

SES for SBS is specifically designed to radically simplify email threat protection by installing directly on the SBS hardware server for ease of installation and low cost of ownership. Furthermore, SonicWALL’s GRID Network incorporated in SES provides users with real-time access to global anti-virus and anti-spyware updates, providing subscribers with protected against the latest vulnerabilities and improving SBS optimisation. Additionally, SES for SBS offers centrally-managed rules and policies as well as superior reporting and management, helping IT to reduce time spent administrating e-mail protection.

The main benefits of SonicWALL Email Security for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server are:

The solution is pre-configured for SBS for ease of installation and deployment. SonicWALL’s new offering integrates with SBS in just a few mouse-clicks, without complex reconfiguration. Users benefit from having no additional devices to manage and no additional servers to purchase, for lower cost of ownership.

The innovative SonicWALL GRID Network provides accurate and up-to-date protection against new spam attacks. SonicWALL actively gathers vital learnings from an expansive network of millions of users and sources, and updates SES for SBS every five minutes.

SonicWALL’s spam filter and end-to-end email attack monitoring optimises the blockage of spam from ever reaching or disrupting SBS. SonicWALL conducts rigorous testing and evaluation of millions of emails every day, and constantly updates SES for SBS with this spam-blocking intelligence. Customers benefit from the reduction in email volume on SBS and improved performance.

The advanced end-user spam controls ease administration, reduce false positives, and enhance service levels for end-users. Users enjoy the freedom to personalize the aggressiveness of their spam detection settings based on the content of the message, while IT retains ultimate control over the overall level of security enforced.

SES for SBS users enjoy time-saving ease-of-management. For example, SES for SBS synchronises with the SBS Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for easy management of users and group accounts. SonicWALL Email Security self-updates every 5 minutes twice as fast as competing solutions and requires only 10 minutes or less a week to manage.

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