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Insite i2 Server Room Temperature Monitoring Devices from Solutions Centre

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Solutions Centre  offers a versatile range of GSM-based monitoring devices that deliver SMS alerts whenever monitored events are detected, and also respond to SMS messages by initiating actions.  

Insite i2 server room temperature monitoring devices present a simple and low cost alternative to sophisticated and expensive monitoring systems. These temperature monitoring devices are equally efficient as a primary alert system or while providing redundancy as a backup alert system.

Server Room Temperature Monitoring

Insite i2 server room temperature monitoring devices feature an in-built sensor. Up to four mobile phone numbers can be entered along with the desired high and low temperature set points.

When the server room temperature goes outside (or re-enters) the configured range, Insite will send customised SMS alerts either immediately or after the temperature has held continuously for 1, 2 or 3 minutes.

Insite can also provide alerts when the mains power fails while continuing monitoring using its in-built Lithium-Ion backup battery.

Escalation Feature

Escalation allows Insite server room temperature monitoring systems to send messages to up to another 8 phone numbers after user-defined unique time delays.

For example, Insite can send SMS messages to one group of recipients as soon as the temperature breach is detected. If none of them has acknowledged the message after a specific duration of time, it will SMS the next group of numbers.  

As soon as one of the recipients responds, Insite will stop the callout and SMS everyone who has already received a message, thus saving them a trip.

Temperature Reporting

Insite can optionally SMS a report at regular intervals that includes the current server room temperature as well as the highest and lowest recorded temperatures since the last report was sent.

Other Functions

  • Monitor 8 switched inputs to warn about events such as equipment failures or unauthorised door openings
  • Monitor nearby assets using wireless personal area network (WiPAN) connected devices such as the Temperature Probe
  • Remotely turn connected switches on and off
  • Return telemetry readings in user configured units

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