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Insite i2 SMS-Based Sensor and Temperature Monitoring Devices from Solutions Centre

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article image Insite i2 SMS-Based Sensor and Temperature Monitoring Devices

Solutions Centre  offers the Insite i2 range of user-managed sensor and temperature monitoring devices that enable configured users to remotely monitor and control equipment using SMS.

Insite’s SMS-based temperature monitoring devices can also be used to request analogue meter readings if required.

Ambient Temperature Monitoring

The Insite base unit has an in-built thermometer providing ambient temperature monitoring and alerts for temperature sensitive environments. It will send customised SMS messages to up to four mobile phones whenever the temperature changes from the user-configured settings.

Cool Room, Fridge and Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring can be achieved by connecting thermostats into any of Insite’s eight digital inputs.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Insite’s Wireless Personal Area Network-based probe temperature sensors (TWiPAN) enable temperature monitoring of a bank of temperature controlled environments in close proximity such as display fridges or cool rooms without running wires.

Once the probe is inserted and the desired high and low set points are configured on the TWiPAN, these remote temperature monitors will send SMS messages whenever the temperature moves in or out of the range.

Connectivity Options

Insite can handle any combination of up to eight wired or wireless inputs so temperature monitoring across several rooms can be handled by one device.

To prevent it from sending alerts every time a door is opened or when the refrigeration unit goes into defrost cycle, Insite can be configured to wait until the temperature remains out of range for periods ranging from 1 minute to 90 minutes before it sends alerts.


An Insite-based system presents a simple and low cost alternative to sophisticated and expensive monitoring systems.

These temperature monitoring devices can provide double redundancy in case the primary monitoring system fails:

  • The device uses the GSM network for communications
  • It has a Li-Ion backup battery enabling it to continue monitoring for up to 4 days after a power failure

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