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UES International employs SolidWorks Simulation software to validate marine seating designs

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UES International Pty Ltd, a leading global supplier and manufacturer of seating, marine and transportation hardware relies on SolidWorks Simulation software to test and validate seating designs developed for the marine industry.  

Some of their challenging seating projects need to withstand up to 12Gs of collision impact. While a 3D printer is used for dimensional testing, SolidWorks simulation software is employed for simulating high G-force collision testing.  

According to Daniel Behjat, Industrial Designer at UES International, dynamically testing one of the seats for the marine industry costs around $20,000 wherein it needs to withstand a collision impact of up to 12G. Having SolidWorks refine the design before this expensive testing exercise is very valuable for the whole design process.  

UES implemented SolidWorks in 2009, using the software extensively for their seating and hardware development programs. SolidWorks has helped the company save huge amounts of time and money through higher productivity levels and faster product development.  

Additionally, the superior user interface, functionality and ease of use aided by training from Solidtec have all helped the design team transition to SolidWorks faster, says Daniel Behjat.  

Key capabilities of SolidWorks Simulation software:  

  • Assesses material tolerances easily 
  • Helps reduce over-design to maximise cost effectiveness in manufacturing and assembly stages 
  • Minimises time taken to create design concepts 
  • Expensive physical testing can be given higher foreseeable success   
  • Visualises and easily communicates design concepts 
  • Real life experience whilst designing by applying material properties in 3D 
  • Availability of third party partner products extends SolidWorks functionality even further 
  • Improved design productivity 
  • Ease of use with intuitive controls    
Solidtec CEO Shane Preston observes that companies like UES International are great examples of how SolidWorks Simulation helps Solidtec customers design more innovative products faster, and eliminate the need for physical testing, resulting in improved bottom line results.  

SolidWorks 3D CAD design software and simulation tools are available in Australia through Solidtec Solutions- SolidWorks 3D CAD .

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