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Solidtec customer, Therma Truck, wins Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award

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A designer and manufacturer of refrigerated truck bodies, Therma Truck has won the Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award for their ‘Therma Truck Lean Implementation’.
Open to current or former Enterprise Connect clients, the Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards recognise and celebrate the efforts of industry leaders in achieving excellence in manufacturing.
Therma Truck produces custom bodies and cool cube stock bodies, imports eutectic bodies from Italy and performs body repairs. The company embraced the principles of lean manufacturing to significantly reduce their overall inventory.
As a Solidtec Solutions customer, Therma Truck use SolidWorks for their design needs. Daniel Liebau, Design Draftsman explained how SolidWorks has helped Therma Truck become more efficient in their design and manufacturing processes. Prior to the introduction of SolidWorks, all the drawings were done by hand. But the 3D CAD design software has now provided them with a platform to maintain consistency and produce the drawings quickly.
Therma Truck has been using SolidWorks 3D CAD software for four years. Key advantages from the implementation include increased consistency in the manufacturing process, quick access to the bill of materials, low probability of rework in the finished product as well as significant gains in time and productivity. The drawing process has become more streamlined as it now follows documented design rules while their manufacturing times have also been cut due to the bill of materials allowing them to pre-order and pre-cut materials to size.
Solidtec was selected as Therma Truck’s SolidWorks provider because of the quality of their support services as well as a very knowledgeable team of engineers. 
Solidtec Solutions- SolidWorks 3D CAD CEO Shane Preston congratulated Therma Truck on winning the Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement award at the Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards ceremony.

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