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Solidtec Solutions team attend digital technology presentation by Avatar director, James Cameron at SolidWorks World 2010

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article image Acclaimed Hollywood director, James Cameron, spoke at the recent SolidWorks World 2010 exhibition

A team of Solidtec Solutions 3D CAD specialists who recently attended the SolidWorks World 2010 exhibition had a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Avatar director, James Cameron, speak about his journey in the world of design technology.

Mr. Cameron spoke to almost all of the 5000 SolidWorks 3D users in attendance on how he and his team are constantly pushing the limits of design technology to build everything from cutting-edge stereoscopic cameras, to an Australian designed and engineered submersible vehicle, that he personally will pilot to the bottom of the lowest known point on Earth, the Marianas Trench.

Mr. Cameron also discussed how he is working with NASA to design a camera system that will be used on a future nuclear-powered Mars lander. Attendees noted how interesting it was to hear the person responsible for the two highest-grossing movies of all time discuss how useful SolidWorks Simulation is to him, especially on his deep-sea projects.

When talking about the world of fantasy world of ‘Pandora’, Mr. Cameron mentioned that he “geeks out” on the “why” of science fiction. The manufacturing required to establish a society advanced enough to mine a rock and support the community raises a host of questions. How were these items; a dump truck as large as an arena, an armada of attack ships, and mining equipment all transported light years away? They were not, they were created in a single massive 3D printer.

Pre-fabricating and shipping so many complex components seems like a logistical nightmare, even for a population that can travel light years. The easy solution then is to ship a single large machine that contains the ability to utilize the resources of a host planet to create all of these items. More importantly, James noted that this machine would contain the knowledge of the items it was there to create. From his comments the colonization started with a small group and a single massive 3D printer.

For a man that commands hundreds of millions for his projects, Mr. Cameron was truly in tune with the engineering and details that went into all of his projects, from the FEA and pressure vessel testing of his submersible, to the fluid analysis used to develop the hair movement and wing flutter of characters in Avatar.

After the session, Mr. Cameron took a few minutes to visit the partner pavilion at SolidWorks World to explore the Z Vision technology, where new and exciting design technology was on display.

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