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SolidWorks Enterprise PDM available from Solidtec

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SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is a collaboration platform that combines a highly scalable data repository with a suite of information management tools in a single, easy-to-implement solution.  

The PDM solution enables information sharing among internal staff, partners and vendors, while automatically protecting data with integrated tracking and version control.  

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (product data management) is a collaborative and information hub for any design organisation. It provides a central, indexed repository for fast information retrieval, combined with version control to prevent data loss and integrated workflows to automate design processes.  

A proven solution in diverse industries and designed for quick implementation, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM’s collaborative platform can scale from three designers to hundreds located in offices around the world.  

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM offers flexible and customisable workflow capabilities that allow organisations to automate and control product development processes to streamline approvals and improve audit controls.  

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM finds application in mechanical machine design, electronics, medical, alternative energy, consumer products, heavy equipment, mould, tool and die as well as power and process industries.

Efficient data management 

  • Enables product development by providing the tools to find, share and reuse data quickly and efficiently
  • Facilitates data search by parameters such as document name, contained data, attached metadata and workflow state
  • Prevents designers from accidentally overwriting files through integrated version control
  • Customised bills of materials (BOMs) can be easily produced for individual departments
  • Documents in 250 file types including major CAD formats, Microsoft Office applications, images and animations can be viewed and printed
  • Protects data from theft, damage or misuse with secure logins while automatically protecting data with integrated tracking and version control

Implement and scale quickly 

  • Scalable platform that grows with organisational needs, scaling up for more people, locations and partners
  • Quick Start Program has the organisation up and running in 5 days
  • Quickly adaptable to design processes, team structure and industry through custom configuration
  • Custom applications can be created to meet specific business requirements through comprehensive API

Streamline essential processes 

  • Essential administrative processes such as approvals and sign-offs are streamlined
  • Automation and graphical modelling minimise administrative work, while maintaining accuracy and accountability
  • Company workflows and processes can be modelled in an intuitive graphical interface
  • Increase productivity, quality and accountability by automating workflows and approval processes
  • Audit trails can be instantly accessed to meet internal and external reporting requirements, document quality control and standards compliance

Collaborate without boundaries 

  • Creates a single collaborative community regardless of distance and location
  • Gives users in dispersed locations quick access to design documentation through vault replication
  • Enables staff and partners to contribute through remote access portals

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is available in Australia from Solidtec Solutions- SolidWorks 3D CAD .

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