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Knee Brace Makers Add Good Looks to Superior Performance with SolidWorks 3D Software

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article image Knee Braces designed using SolidWorks

Knee brace makers in the USA are relying upon SolidWorks 3D software to shorten design cycles by more than 25 percent while enhancing performance and aesthetics.  

Using SolidWorks software, manufacturers such as DJO Inc. are also making a fashion statement.    

The US leader in orthopaedic rehabilitation devices is using SolidWorks software to integrate superior functionality, lightweight characteristics and aesthetics in their knee braces.    

Since adopting SolidWorks, the San Diego-based company has brought increased speed, agility and quality to R&D supported by advanced capabilities such as 3D modelling and simulation.      

DJO is using SolidWorks 3D software for the following applications: 

  • Create stylish surfaces and contours while working with carbon fibre, metals and a variety of plastics that make braces sleeker, less medical in appearance and less intrusive to the end-user
  • Shorten design cycles by more than 25 percent through SolidWorks software’s intuitive modelling
  • Reduce development costs on each major project by using SolidWorks Simulation software to decrease the need for numerous physical iterative prototypes
  • Develop product-specific literature and manuals by using PhotoWorks realistic rendering software to create studio-class product shots prior to manufacturing 

Robert Bejarano, R&D senior project manager at DJO says that SolidWorks was an easy transition from the 2D-only design world.    

According to him, SolidWorks is a superior tool for meeting the product needs of both elite athletes and weekend warriors. The DJO design team uses SolidWorks for all design, surfacing, rendering and simulation across many of their product lines including rigid bracing, surgical implants, electrical stimulation technology and bone growth systems.    

DJO has used SolidWorks extensively on several new product releases each year across many product lines.    

A new breakthrough knee brace that promotes faster healing after surgery has been designed to offer several advantages over conventional post-operative braces that simply limit range of motion.    

For instance, the new DonJoy TROM Adjuster unloads the knee compartment and associated injured tissue so that it heals faster and reduces the potential of re-injury post-surgically.    

Additionally, the brace offers an easily adjustable hinge with Tele-Fit telescoping technology for a perfect patient fit.    

SolidWorks Simulation software enabled Bejarano, a former NASA engineer to quickly test parts as he designed them as well as optimise use of material for sleekness and cost control.    

DJO knee braces are used by more than 90 percent of Division 1 college football teams and 61 of the 68 teams in the latest round of college bowls.    

SolidWorks 3D software is available in Australia through Solidtec Solutions- SolidWorks 3D CAD .

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