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Kinematic Automation Uses SolidWorks to Automate the Manufacturing of Life Saving Diagnostic Products

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Medical industry manufacturer reducing R&D costs, time to market, and scrap by up to 50 percent A drop of blood and a plastic strip the size of a matchstick can give a diabetes patient a world of life-or-death medical information.  

Solidtec Solutions- SolidWorks 3D CAD 's customer Kinematic Automation of Sonora, Calif., makes the precision machines that make the strips that can give patients a world of life-or-death medical information. Used not only in cases of diabetes but also for  cholesterol, pregnancy, HIV, and toxin testing, these systems treat, slice, and package test strips at rates of up to 50 strips per second each, with a total of approximately 8 billion produced per year.

Approximately half the world’s glucose strips are produced by Kinematic Automation machines. Patrick Grimes,  Kinematic Automation Mechanical Design Engineer, emphasized that  “this is a highly competitive industry where it is vital to be first to market with the most reliable, serviceable, and highest-quality machines. SolidWorks® software helps us achieve these goals by enabling us to quickly model designs, communicate our intent to customers, make the necessary changes, and collaborate with our manufacturing team.”  

The machines manufactured by Kinematic Automation can have up to 5,000 parts. In designing them, the company uses SolidWorks as it provides a number of benefits, amongst them, a reduction in market time by 30-40 percent; a reduction in development cost by 25 percent; and a cupping of scrap and rework costs by 50 percent.  

Kinematic Automation has also implemented SolidWorks Enterprise PDM data management software to automate the engineering change order (ECO) workflow and render it paperless. With the automation of this previously tedious process the company will save time, money, and labour.   “We’re a lean company that is increasingly competitive nationally and internationally,” said Grimes. “Not only are we competing against other vendors, we’re competing against diseases that can be halted, reversed, or managed with the help of the proper diagnostics. SolidWorks is a critical ingredient in our life-saving mission.”  

SolidWorks 3D solutions, training and technical support is available in Australia and New Zealand from Solidtec Solutions.

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