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Felder Accelerates Design of Woodworking Machines with SolidWorks and 3DVIA Composer

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Austrian Felder KG, a manufacturer of woodworking machines and tools has chosen 3DVIA Composer from DS SolidWorks as its documentation solution.  

SolidWorks is available from Solidtec Solutions- SolidWorks 3D CAD in Australia.  

According to Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. (DS SolidWorks), Felder has been using SolidWorks 3D CAD software for over seven years and has now deployed 3DVIA Composer to create and edit assembly documentation, generate exploded drawings of SolidWorks assemblies as well as develop bills of material for assembly purposes.  

With support from SolidWorks and 3DVIA Composer, Felder remains competitive in the woodworking machine market.  

Since Felder switched from 2D to 3D CAD software in 2001, it has shortened design processes by up to 30 percent. In addition, SolidWorks and 3DVIA Composer save the company material and components, delivering designs that are optimised for assembly.  

Headquartered in Hall, Tyrol, the family-owned Felder manufactures woodworking machines and tools for a wide range of DIY enthusiasts, small woodworking companies, large carpentries and industrial enterprises.

Engineer Robert Tratter, development manager at Felder KG says that aesthetics, short design processes and high-quality products are key drivers in their manufacturing process.

Having worked with SolidWorks, finalising on 3DVIA Composer was easy since the application allowed them to create and edit assembly documentation directly with SolidWorks. Their previously installed documentation solution was an isolated application.

The tight compatibility between SolidWorks and 3DVIA Composer was a huge benefit that enabled both direct and precise data transfers as well as accelerated design workflows for Felder.

Key benefits for Felder from SolidWorks and 3DVIA Composer software 

  • Helped Felder establish a seamless design process and create a wide range of valuable drawing/model derivatives including bills of material, spare parts lists, design review documents as well as 3D data for CAM systems and 3D measuring machines
  • Improved visualisation and option to create virtual prototypes have considerably reduced the error rate in the design process
  • Intuitively arranged repair and service instructions as well as photorealistic renderings and animations explaining the use of machines and tools benefit customers

Axel Spitzer, regional sales manager, central European countries at DS SolidWorks says that Felder fully benefits from the interaction between SolidWorks and 3DVIA Composer. The shortened design cycles and optimised manufacturing processes enabled by the applications benefit Felder’s customers who are looking for high-precision machines and tools at competitive prices.

SolidWorks 3D software is available in Australia and New Zealand from Solidtec Solutions. Solidtec also offers training and technical support for SolidWorks

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