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Customer Testimonials from Solidtec Users

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Solidtec Solutions- SolidWorks 3D CAD  is a SolidWorks reseller focused on the mechanical 3D CAD market in Australia and New Zealand.  

Solidtec believes that true success is measured by the success of their customers. Below are customer testimonials from some SolidWorks users when asked about the service offered by Solidtec in a few key areas of business.  

Customer Service

Andrew Puclin, Mechanical Design Engineer, Wastech:

“The Solidtec team has been really responsive and we’ve been very happy with the level of service they’ve provided. When we had a problem downloading a very large SolidWorks update file because of internal server problems, they came out with the file on a disk. They really go out of their way to help us.”

Client Focus

Phil Tschirn, Director, Technigraphica:  

“Technigraphica is a freelance CAD agency that boasts a high turnover of work. For my business plan to be successful, I need the backing of a CAD software supplier that can give rock solid advice and rapid support on demand. Solidtec have provided this service in the highest possible calibre.  

“Solidtec make it their business to be accessible and respond quickly. Software support has taken a bad turn in recent times and it is good to see a company that has focussed on the client's needs and has developed this efficient practical approach.”

Technical Support

Jarad Wilson, Design Engineer, ISOLOADER Australia:  

“Since we started doing business with Solidtec we have been repeatedly impressed by their high level of service and customer focus. Solidtec’s ‘one point of contact’ concept is great and it gives us the confidence that our enquiry is going to someone we have a relationship with and who knows our business, rather than just being a number in a call centre.”


Jarad Wilson, Design Engineer, ISOLOADER Australia:  

“Given our regional location, the new Solidtec Webinar Series is a fantastic initiative and they confirm to me that Solidtec is the right supplier for us.”

Tailored Training

Paul Weir, Engineering, Wilson Transformer Company:

"Solidtec’s approach, taking the time to understand our business and then tailoring SolidWorks training to suit our requirement means we get significantly more value – we have found this to be a key point of difference with respect to previous experience. The functionality covered in the training course will lead to a significant improvement in our productivity and reduced time spent on design and engineering."

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