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Create interactive graphics with 3DVIA Composer 3D design software from Solidtec Solutions

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3DVIA Composer, available from Solidtec Solutions , is easy to use software that allows individuals in manufacturing, technical publications, marketing, and training to repurpose 3D data to create accurate graphics and interactive content early in the design process.

Anyone associated with product development can 3DVIA Composer 3D design software to quickly create content for technical communication, such as printed documents and interactive animations from existing 3D models - whether for assembly instructions, marketing collateral, technical illustrations, or training materials.

Traditionally, engineers spend valuable hours capturing screen shots and creating configurations and exploded views of their designs for both internal departments and external agencies. Creating 3D designs this way means a lot of rework and frustration with every design change. This imperfect system also often leads to workflow bottlenecks on the engineering side and costly delays in getting products to market.

With 3DVIA Composer 3D design software, designs and documentation can be produced on parallel tracks. 3DVIA Composer enables individuals with little or no CAD background to directly access design files and pull the graphics required - whether it is a high quality image for a brochure or a series of exploded views showing step by step assembly instructions.

With a few simple clicks, 3DVIA Composer 3D design software allows users to create raster images or scalable vector illustrations with options to control outer line thickness, component colors, shading, balloons, interactive parts lists, and symbols. Generating animations for sales presentations and websites is equally simple.

3DVIA Composer 3D design software will help company's win more business as it eliminates the waiting time for physical prototypes to create presentation materials. It also allows company's to demonstrate products more effectivelly with interactive storyboards, and highlight key differentiators with detail views and transparent components. With 3DVIA Composer it is now possible to impress prospects with quick turnaround of updated designs with interactive animations.

In addition to winning more business, this 3D design software can help company's get products to market faster than ever before. Companies succeed when communication across departments is clear and concise. Communicating with 3D results in fewer errors and can ensure that a product and all its accompanying deliverables get to market faster. This software allows designers to create assembly instructions and manuals concurrent with the design, consume and deliver interactive 3D material with free player, and develop interactive training materials.

Thanks to it's simple, intuitive user interface, 3DVIA Composer 3D design software requires no learning curve. 3DVIA Composer comes with detailed training materials, in-depth help files, online tutorials, and user forums that help everyone start publishing professional 3D manuals and presentations almost instantly, with no CAD knowledge required.

CAD formats supported by 3DVIA Composer include:

  • SolidWorks®
  • CATIA®
  • STEP
  • IGES
With 3DVIA Composer 3D design software it is now possible to quickly author:
  • exploded views with automated trail lines
  • auto balloons
  • BOM tables
  • arrows
  • labels
  • detail views
  • symbols
  • dimensions
Additionally, users can quickly publish:
  • raster graphics (JPEG or PNG)
  • vector line art (CGM or SVG)
  • videos, including fly-throughs and walk-throughs (AVI with multiple codecs)
  • interactive 3D documents
  • interactive web pages
  • 3D PDFs.

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