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New wireless level measurement solutions from Solid Applied Technologies

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Solid Applied Technologies  have now added a new flavour to their core competency level measurement solutions. Solid Applied Technologies focus on management of remote fuel tanks, water reservoirs, sewage flow, river level states and similar assets. In many locations, wired technology is just not an option. The site could be remote or the cost of infrastructure too high.

Wireless level measurement can help to prevent flooding of the local municipal sewer system or it can alert rising river levels, dams or reservoirs. The wireless level measurement is also a critical tool for effective maintenance as it provides the critical data before the damage is inflicted.

Providers of remote monitoring systems concentrate on communication links and control centre software. These providers sometimes neglect the physical measurement aspect, which in many cases determines the quality of the complete solution. In contrast, Solid Applied Technologies leverages its core expertise in level measurement to expand its offering for wireless monitoring.

In Solid Applied Technologies solutions, they exploit existing communication infrastructures such as cellular networks (GSM) and propose simple-to-use local software packages for management. Solid Applied Technologies' reliable range of level transmitters is ATEX approved and covers the entire range from short range 2-wire cost effective ultrasonic gauges to high end 4-wire solutions designed to operate in harsh environments.

Solid Applied Technologies offer the new cost effective guided wave radar that was designed for small tanks. Solid Applied Technologies' Ultrasonic level gauges are also capable of measuring Open Channel flow. Solid Applied Technologies' level transmitters were traditionally offered with wired communication and are now also available with wireless communication. Solid Applied Technologies' most cost effective solution is a GSM SMS modem that comes with a management software Umbrella. The system is capable of sending SMS alerts when pre-programmed values are reached. Solid Applied Technologies also offer GSM GPRS and short range wireless solutions. These solutions are provided together with our third party partners. The GPRS solutions are usually used when level measurement is only one of many parameters that need to be measured and transmitted wirelessly.

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