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GuardScan50 level sensors from Solid Applied Technologies

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Available from Solid Applied Technologies , GuardScan50 are not‐contact, continuous ultrasonic level sensors based on the high performance SmartScan50 equipment.

GuardScan50 level sensors use an innovative software algorithm for detecting fuel theft from a tank and for identifying tempering activities with the sensor. GuardScan50 level sensors can enhance existing security systems and interfaces any zone‐based security systems supporting dry‐contacts inputs. 

GuardScan50 level sensors provide four new "virtual‐zone" alerts: 

  1. Fuel theft
  2. Stolen sensor
  3. Full Tank
  4. Empty Tank 
GuardScan50 exploits existing communication links whether wired, wireless, dialup, RF or cellular and the level sensors are easy to configure using any PC type platform.

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