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Shock cords and rubber products from Solcor (Australia)

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Solcor (Australia)  offers SOLCOR products, which is a name given to solid core EPDM rubber and other allied accessories manufactured by Loring Industries. SOLCOR products from Solcor (Australia) integrate a series of innovative ideas and improvements providing innovative and new generation industrial strength stretch cords and accessories. Solcor (Australia) is known for offering products, which are durable, reliable and creative and thus provide customers with gamut of choices to select from.

Additionally, Solcor (Australia) takes pride in stating that SOLCOR products have also been confirmed in the harshest tests during the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. Most of the products offered by Solcor (Australia) are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Solcor (Australia) supplies traditional rubber stretch cords, which is called as shock cord or bungy. These are ideal for industrial, domestic and recreational sector. This stretch cord has several strands of latex rubber filaments, joined together with braided nylon fabric or polypropylene.

The team at Solcor (Australia) has thirty years boating experience, which has helped it develop stretch cord for tough marine environment. Solcor (Australia) also offers packaging services for Solcor shock cords and accessories. Solcor (Australia) provides Ezy Adjusta Cord©, which is fully adjustable shock cord extended in various sizes.

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