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SOLATUBE has introduced its new Infinity100 model tubular skylight which independent tests show achieves between 100 and 400 per cent better light transfer than comparable products.

Its solid aluminium reflective tubing - the result of a four-year, $2.6 million research programme - achieves more than 99 per cent specular reflectance to conduct more natural light into homes, shops, offices and public buildings.

Until now, the reflective material used in tubular skylights has had to bounce light, often more than 25 times, down the tubing before it reaches a room.

While bouncing the sun's rays, this material absorbs much of the light and colour, resulting in reduced light quality transferred into a room.

With Infinity100, the light and colour loss is minimal as the sun's rays are bounced only once through the tubing, resulting in a brighter, clearer and whiter light.

Available on both 250mm and 400mm Solatube models, Infinity100 not only brings more light into a room but also combines with Solatube's patented Light Intercepting Transfer Device (LITD), which increases daylight collection and harvesting for low sun angles.

The new technology developed by Solatube during its $2.6 million research and development programme utilises a complex layering of polymeric material and its internal refraction properties to reflect light with no significant light and colour loss as the sun's rays are transferred through the tubing.

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