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Expanded range of natural light products

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article image The new Heavenly Roof window.

SOLATUBE is expanding its range of natural lighting and ventilation solutions for people who want to improve their home's or investment property’s value while increasing summer comfort and saving money on power bills.

"While new housing may encounter some expected downside after its recent boom cycle, improvement of existing homes will continue to benefit from strong resale values and a commensurate high return on sound energy-efficient dwellings," Solatube general manager John Clark said.

Products that would benefit from consumer awareness of environmental and money-saving features included examples such as:

* The Solatube Enviromax VS1000 vent/skylight, a combined high-efficiency tubular skylight and ventilator which share the same neat and compact ceiling fitting.

The Enviromax is suitable for utility rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries where heat, steam and condensation are uncomfortably commonplace.

* New Heavenly Roof window, in appearance similar to a traditional skylight, achieves superior performance through the use of two Low-E glass sheets with an argon filling.

The window is available in two sizes (600mm2 and 600 x 800mm), both of which fit with a low lying profile into the roof, and are fitted by any handyman in less than 1.5 hours. Fully openable, it comes with a flyscreen and optional extendable rod control for windows installed in out-of-reach locations.

* The Enviromax VS2003 Motorvent model, which uses a quiet motor-driven electric fan to relieve the heat load on insulation and air-conditioning by rapidly extracting hot air from the roof cavities of homes and businesses.

Exhausting air up to five times faster than static venting systems, the Motorvent can be thermostatically controlled to cost-efficiently maintain a particular roof cavity temperature and to boost the performance of natural roof venting systems during particularly hot or windless periods.

* New Solatube skylights featuring a dimmer which lets users choose how much light they want and when. The new infinitely adjustable manual dimmer is available as original equipment or retrofitted to the broad range of Solatube's 250 and 400mm products using aluminium reflective tubing.

In the same way that people pull curtains over their windows, they use the fingertip controls of the manual dimmer to moderate lighting from the Solatube.

* High performance Infinity 100 Solatubes - the result of a 4 year, $2.6 million research programme - that independent tests have shown achieves over 99 per cent specular reflectance and conducts up to 400% more natural light into homes, shops, offices, factories and public buildings than any comparable product worldwide.

The Infinity 100 reflective tubing material bounces sun rays only once resulting in minimal light and colour loss, resulting in a brighter, clearer and whiter light.

Infinity 100 is one of the most brilliant advances in tubular skylight design since Solatube's original 250mm diameter product won both the Housing Industry Association New Product Award and the Australian Design Award after its introduction 10 years ago, says Mr Clark.

Solatubes deliver as much natural light as larger conventional skylights, thanks to their patented roof-mounted reflector, but without the heat transfer. Solatubes dissipate the heat into the roof cavity before it can raise the temperature of the room being lit.

The roof-mounted reflectors, contained in a tough and unobtrusive perspex bubble, are individually angled to catch the maximum sunlight available in each location.

Compact Solatubes (250mm or 400mm diameter) can fit almost anywhere and feature guaranteed leak proof construction. Solatubes do not require structural change to the roof.

Costs of Solatube natural lighting and ventilation systems vary with the type of installation and can be obtained by calling 131-619 throughout Australia.

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