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Solartech Glass Tinting offers commercial tinting

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Commercial tinting offered by Solartech Glass Tinting has various benefits that include savings of energy and protection of furnishings. This is easy to maintain and it also beautifies windows.

Up to ninety nine percent ultraviolet rays and up to seventy nine percent of the incoming solar energy is rejected by tinting which cuts power bills. Tinting also reduces fading of interiors and enables furnishings to last longer.

Windows get a new look by tinting and they are also easy to maintain. The film that is used by Solartech Glass Tinting has a pleasant and distortion-free view from the inside and from the outside it has an identical appearance through which the design of the building is complemented.

Customers also have the choice to choose from a large collection of neutral or designer shades. The scratch-resistant (SR) rating of the film resists scratches by which the look of the film remains as new as the day it was installed. Care-free maintenance is made sure with conservative methods of cleaning the windows.

Every window film that is offered by Solartech Glass Tinting is installed by professional installers in accordance with the measures of the factory. Customers are also provided with technical information about the window films.

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