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Solaris Technology offers grid connect solar

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Grid connect solar is offered by Solaris Technology . Grid connect systems are considered as a way of future for solar power. The draw from the mains power grid gets reduced by green electricity which is generated on the roof.

Any surplus power that is not used is sent back to the grid. If more power is used than the power generating capacity of the solar then the rest is automatically supplied by the grid.

There are several reasons for the popularity of the grid solar power systems which include demonstration of an environmental commitment, generation of own energy directly where it is used, personal responsibility for energy use, reduction in the household bills, reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions and reduction in the summer peak loads on the grid.

Solar power is allowed to be integrated into the construction as a part of the fabric for roof by Roof Integrated solar arrays offered by Solaris Technology.

Solaris Technology supplies and installs PV Solar Tiles which have various features such as better design, an aesthetic architectural roofing element, leading edge technology in sustainable housing, CSIRO compliance and optional solar heating collection system.

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