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Solar Cool tests Insultec Heat Reflective Roofin Membranes

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article image Solar Cool tests Insultec Heat Reflective Roofin Membranes

The versatile  Insultec Heat Reflective Roofing Membranes from Solar Cool ,  have been subjected to the extreme conditions of some of the hottest regions in the planet, including Australia.

In all cases, the heat re-radiating elastomeric Insultec roof membranes have demonstrated a superior mechanical adhesion rate of 1.6, flexibility, bridging gaps to 1.6mm, and exceptional strength and resilience, showing no failure of durability in 2000 plus QUV hours of testing.

NJ van Rensburg, consulting engineers, from Durbanville, South Africa, reported a drop in temperature from 53°C with a standard galvanised metal roof to only 37°C with the same material coated with Insultec Roof Membranes.

In Hanoi, Vietnam, the Ministry of Defence in that country confirmed the internal temperature of an uncoated petrol tank reached 52.9°C while the internal temperature of a petrol tank coated with Insultec reached only 38°C.

Closer to home, the South Australian Department of Motor Transport reported a site laboratory was reaching unbearably hot temperatures on moderately warm days, but after using Insultec Heat Membranes temperatures dropped to comfortably warm on days hotter than previously tested.

Maintenance free, low-cost and energy efficient, the high-build heat reflective roofing membranes are able to seal the substrata from weather to prolong life and enhance appearance, easily lasting in excess of 10 years.

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