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Solar Cool’s heat reflective industrial roof coatings for metal roofs

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Insultec heat reflective industrial roof coating is designed to prevent overheating in industrial and commercial metal roofs. It prevents the build up of heat from the sun from radiating into buildings.

This insulating industrial roof coating, available from Solar Cool will even suck out some of the heat within the building, producing a cooler environment and a much more comfortable building.

Benefits of industrial roof coatings include:

  • Reduction in air conditioning power consumption resulting in very cost-effective environment management due to the roof coating insulation
  • Building value increase regardless of air conditioning installation
  • Eliminated of corrosion from atmospheric contaminants when using the industrial roof coating is used
  • Due to massive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the power consumption savings there is a beneficial contribution to climate change
  • There is a large reduction in internal temperatures of buildings, increasing comfort for shoppers in large shopping complexes.
  • Insultec from Solar-Cool industrial roof coating is safe for the environment and is easy to apply and so there is no stoppage to the normal functioning of your building during application.
  • The work environment can become more productive as it is more comfortable.
  • The large industrial or commercial roof is roof is protected from the varying sun load which can lead to thermal shock damage.
  • Air conditioning plants experience more efficiency and last longer by reducing peak loads placed on them.

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