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Commercial Warehouse Metal Roof Coating, Reduce Heat by up to 47%

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Commercial warehouse metal roof coating, reduce heat on metal roofing by up to 47%.

Yes - One can achieve a stable, comfortable warehouse with no excessive air conditioning costs.

A metal roof industrial complex in Yatala, Queensland reported its staff constantly wore wet scarves around their necks to try to cope with the extreme temperatures, until…

The South Australian Department of Motor Transport reported that they baked on only moderately warm days, until…

They discovered an unsurpassed heat reflective membrane.

Insultec solar reflective metal roof coatings have been tested around the world and proven in practical application to:

  • reduce internal temperatures by up to 47% and
  • slash air conditioning cost by up to 77%

The high build reflective paint is adaptable across diverse applications and is ideal for internal temperature reduction in steel buildings, and as a metal roof or concrete paint.

Due to the exceptional heat re-radiating capabilities of Insultec, only about 1% of solar heat penetrates the structure ensuring a more stable internal temperature.

It has been awarded a Class 1 Fire Retardant status and has the added advantage of sealing and restoring old roofs to significantly extend the life of roof, no matter its current state.

Professional application for good results

Though Insultec is applied as a paint, as a membrane it does require professional application to guarantee long lasting, exceptional results.

Solar Cool  is applicators for Insultec, specialising in warehouse, commercial and industrial metal roofs.

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