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Solar Whiz powered roof ventilation systems available from Solair

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Solair  is pleased to introduce the new high powered roof ventilation system, Solar Whiz, to protect the roof of a building from both natural and radiant elements.

A proper roof ventilation system is invaluable to both businesses and residences in a number of ways. An adequate roof ventilation system is essential for the proper functionality, longevity and cost effectiveness of internal ventilation systems, thereby reducing annual electricity costs.

In commercial structures, a lack of roof ventilation, or an incorrectly intalled insulation system, can result in condensation, rust, mildew, and rot, which will cause damage to the roof itself. These problems can lead to a building becoming vulnerable to further damages and in turn becoming structurally unsound.

When purchasing a roof ventilation system, it is important to select the most appropriate one for the structure in order to provide a proven method of effective air circulation that can be easily maintained.

Roof insulation systems, consisting of roof air vents and roof insulation, all assist in the process of radiated heat reduction. Hard wired heat recovery ventilation systems have attempted to be an alternative to these normal solutions, however have not proven their worth as yet.

On residential roofs, passive whirlybird roof ventilation systems can remove heat, however in unsarked, dark coated roofs and areas of extreme temperatures and weather, these roof vents struggle to cope due to the intensity of the heat radiated being far greater than that being exhausted by the whirlybird.

The Solar Whiz roof ventialation system comes as a 10w (1400m3h) or a 20w (2100m3h) roof fan as well as a 20w (2100m3h) gable fan with separate solar PV panels for roof mounting. The 20w roof ventilation fan would cycle the air of a standard room (4m x 4m x 3m high) 75 times an hour on a sunny day.

Accessories for the Solar Whiz roof ventilation system include a thermostat for regulating temperature start and internal circular vent covers for internal air removal.

The solar PV panels are designed to run even on days with low sun levels by attaining the ultra violet rays through bounce. This allows the fan to continuously run even on cloudy, dull days.

The whisper quite fans also mean residents and employees will hardly notice the Solar Whiz roof ventilations system is there.

When considering the installation of a roof ventilation system, it is important to seek the help of an experienced Solair professional who are able to assist in choosing the right quality product based on the stated requirements.

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