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Features and advantages of SoftPLC offered by SoftPLC Australasia

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SoftPLC offered by SoftPLC Australasia has various important features and advantages including a user logic memory of16 Mb and a standard storage of 8 Mb. Both user logic memory and storage capacity are easily upgradeable. SoftPLC also has a fast scan time that keeps it up to date with current standards of personal computers.

SoftPLC has digital I/O of up to 16k and an almost unlimited analogue. Backup is available with SoftPLC along with true bump less transfer feature. SoftPLC has 2 x RS232 ports one of which is configurable to RS485 and the other Ethernet port is a standard one. Up to 36 simultaneous ASCII channels and up to thirty two communications channels including Profibus, TCP/IP, DeviceNet and Interbus are supported by SoftPLC.

SoftPLC is well-matched with Data highway plus, DF1 and other A-B networks. Existing I/O can also be retained on the basis of the requirement of the user. SoftPLC is also well-suited with almost all HMI devices. SoftPLC has packaging of industrial personal computers or PLC-style hardware. Store user manuals, web server and drawings on-board options are also available in SoftPLC.

One can not run SoftPLC under Windows and it is available with control software that is already pre-installed on the processor module.

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