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Internet-based risk and compliance management

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SOFTGEN Australia has announced a comprehensive new application software system for enterprise risk and compliance management that delivers all functions through an internet browser.

Tickit3 is the third generation of an Australian-designed and developed software suite that enables all managers to address risk management across the entire enterprise.

SoftGen managing director Jim Bradshaw said the imperative for an enterprise approach stemmed from events on the world stage, such as insurance company collapses, calls for improved standards of corporate governance and the escalation of public liability premiums.

"Disasters and corporate collapses have been instrumental in putting risk management into fine focus. Insurance companies, underwriters and re-insurers are all requiring their customers to have better means in place for the assessment of risk."

Until now, information technology has not enabled the risk manager to be equipped with a cost-effective solution that could be easily deployed to and used by every general manager, in manufacturing, finance, IT, human resources, or any other area of corporate activity.

"Making the software accessible through a browser means organisations can ensure more effective risk management without requiring an increase in staff or a radical change from the way in which risk management is currently addressed," Mr Bradshaw said.

A user can log onto Tickit3 from anywhere in the world using a browser and, regardless of network or language requirements, ease of use and functionality is the same.

No additional hardware costs or browser 'plug-ins' are required at the user level. This 'zero client' approach helps reduce costs of deploying and maintaining the application.

An additional benefit of this approach is that users have the option of hosting Tickit3 on an application service provider, if desired, thus avoiding the requirement for any IT infrastructure management.

Tickit3 has been designed to conform with and exceed the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand standard for risk management AS/NZS 4360:1999.

Tickit3 will run on almost any client hardware and the widest range of central server operating systems - Microsoft, Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HPUX and others.

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