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Company Focus: Soanar introduces the xPrintServer for wireless printing from an iPhone or iPad

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article image The xPrintServer is designed to provide 'plug-and-print' functionality for iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices
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There is no doubt that in the tech world, one of the biggest success stories of the past five years is Apple Inc. From the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, through to the release of the fourth generation iPad in November of this year, the company has cornered a large percentage of the smart phone and tablet PC markets.

These 'iOS devices' have been particularly well received in the business world, prompting the development of a host of software and hardware solutions designed to boost productivity and assist users in getting the most out of their devices.

Despite these advancements, however, IT managers still frequently encounter problems when attempting to develop solutions that can seamlessly integrate key operational functions into a system that every individual device and user can access and use without issues.

When it comes to productivity, printing, and especially the ability to wirelessly print from an iPhone or iPad to a standard USB or networked printer, is one area that has posed ongoing problems for IT specialists.

With the introduction of the Lantronix xPrintServer, Soanar - Power, Interconnect & Display has addressed this problem directly, and in an elegantly simple way.

The Lantronix xPrintServer is an affordable 'plug-and-print' solution designed for use with all Apple iOS devices that enables users to wirelessly print from the native iOS print menu to most USB and networked printers on the market.

Using the device, users can eliminate the need to print through apps, install software, or email documents to a standard desktop PC for printing. And with over 4,000 top brand USB and network printers supported out of the box, there is no need to buy a new printer to get the system up and running.

For casual users, Lantronix does offer a 'Home' version of the xPrintServer, but here we will focus on the Office Edition, which is specifically optimised for use by small to medium businesses.

Designed for the demands of fast paced businesses, the xPrintServer Office Edition supports unlimited iOS devices and multiple network, wireless and USB printers. Lantronix recommends connecting up to 10 networked printers and up to 8 USB printers (USB hub required for more than one USB printer) with each xPrintServer, which is more than ample for all but the most sophisticated office environments. Of course, each additional unit further expands this capacity.

Additional functions of the Office Edition include:

  • printer user management / advanced user configuration
  • remote authentication / active directory
  • configuration save / restore; and
  • proxy server support.
As mentioned, setting up the xPrintServer is quick, easy and fully automatic. The device is simply plugged into the network via a router, switch or LAN with a wireless access point, and within seconds, it will auto-discover printers on the network. The glowing 'X' on the unit will blink quickly for about 30 seconds, and then it will pulse slowly to show it’s ready for printing.

The xPrintServer, then, is an efficient and simple to use solution for any businesses where iPhones and iPads are frequently used for work-related purposes.

The main benefits of the system are:

  • the ability to print to virtually any printer / no need to a buy new printer
  • no apps or software to buy or load
  • easy to use / automatic discovery and set up of printers
  • print directly from the iOS native menu
  • advanced configurations via web interface; and
  • one xPrintServer supports multiple printers and virtually unlimited iOS devices.

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