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Snaptec introduces new programmable battery charger

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Snaptec  has introduced an advanced Lithium Ion battery charger designed to charge Li Ion battery packs ranging from 1 cell to 10 cell configurations.

The TRT V2 series is a fully programmable battery charger. All the parameters of the charger can be programmed to cover numerous applications including the current limit, the voltage limit, safety timer etc.

With full control over all the parameters of the charger, Snaptec can customise this charger to follow the exact algorithm for the particular battery pack being used.

Small production runs are possible due to the high level of programming automation used in producing this charger.

An added feature for the TRT V2 is the parallel operation capability, the power rating of a single unit is 50W, if this is not adequate for a particular application, a second charger may be connected in parallel to increase power. For example 10 units connected in this way can provide up to 500W.

The TRT V2 charger provides protection of the Li Ion battery pack by both temperature sensing and charge timing.

The TRT V2 battery charger is powered by a dc source making it easy to develop a unique battery charging system and still have it approved by using an approved DC power source.

Snaptec offers full design and consultation service for the specific requirements of Li Ion battery applications.

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