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Snaptec provides a selection of the highest quality inverters available. These high quality inverters find professional usage in telecom, railway, industrial and commercial applications.

SPI 400 Sine Inverters
The SPI 400 series of DC/AC Inverter utilizers established design techniques to ensure high reliability. Suitable for a wide range of application, this 4000VA inverter features full electronic protection, high efficiency and low output noise. The built in fan provides sufficient airflow for operation without de-rating up to 50 degree ambient temperature

SPI100 Sine Inverters
The SPI100 Series compact DC/AC Inverter utilizes the same established conversion topology as higher power inverters. The DC/DV input stage boosts the input voltage to a higher DC voltage, which feeds the DC/AC inverter to generate the required AC output.

The SPI 30 Sine Inverters
This series low-power, low-cost DC/AC inverter uses established design techniques to ensure high reliability. The switching circuit for the input voltage is microprocessor controlled; the toroidal transformer boosts voltage to the required level and also provides the isolation required for the floating output. This unit has a feedback circuit to ensure excellent output regulation

SLS Series Sine Inverters
The Snaptec SLS Series Inverter utilizes the most advanced microprocessor algorithms which guarantees your power conversion is pure and stable

SP3 1500 Series Inverters
The SP3 1500 Inverter provides 3-phase, sine-wave power from a DC input. The floating outputs are isolated from each other and can be connected in a Y configuration or left as three individual outputs

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07/10/10 - Available now from Snaptec Australia, CI series industrial inverters are DC to single phase AC pure sinewave inverters with both rack and wall mount options.
Supplier news
29/11/06 - Phoenix Multiplus now available from Snaptec Australia will be supporting the main X-treme Everest Expedition in March 2007.

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