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MultiPlus Compact 2000VA Inverter Charger introduced by Snaptec

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Snaptec introduces the MultiPlus Compact 2000VA, the multi-functional inverter charger.

The MultiPlus Compact 2000VA is designed for durability, dependability, ease-of-use and flexibility that complements the current compact range that now covers 800, 1200, 1600 and 2000 VA units for 12V and 24V systems.

The improved performance of the new 2000VA model is achieved as a result of the 30A transfer relay fitted as a standard item, which can cope with generators of up to 7kVA in a single unit.

With the MultiPlus Compact 2000VA inverter, up to 11kVA is available for handling peak loads. The sophisticated 80A four-stage adaptive battery charger (50A in the 24V model) guarantees precise and safe charging of the batteries.

The unique power assist technology used in the MultiPlus range of inverters and chargers allows the 2000VA to supplement power available from shore or generator to assist during periods of high demand, providing greater efficiency in the use of the generator and enabling use of a smaller generator than would otherwise be needed.

Switching from inverter to shore power or generator and back is automatic and so fast that electrical devices continue to operate as normal, even during periods of peak demand.

The Compact 2000VA is durable, reliable and versatile that can be easily installed and can be integrated with other systems, making it highly suitable for use in a wide number of applications.

The MultiPlus range has proven to be successful across a spectrum of applications from systems with portable suitcase generators, to the very largest where multiple units are used in parallel to achieve high power solutions. The Power Assist feature is particularly useful for starting inductive loads such as air-conditioning where a 16A shore supply may not be sufficient on its own. The compact dimensions of the inverter charger are of added value to the product.

Some of the more typical applications for the MultiPlus include:

  • Sailing yachts, motorboats and commercial crafts
  • Specialist vehicles and motor homes
  • Emergency and back-up power
  • Telecommunications
  • Buildings in isolated locations
  • Medical, military and scientific applications and
  • Alternative energy systems.

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