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A power breakdown can cause important mechanisms and installations to fail. Imagine defective level crossing gates, traffic lights, safety shutters or elevators. Snaptec Australia is introducing back up power systems that easily solve this problem.

The back up power system consists of a Phoenix MultiPlus inverter charger combination, a high quality Energy Gel battery and a BMV 501 battery monitor. Due to back up power systems’ UPS functionality (Uninterruptible Power Supply), the system can switch from mains to back up power within 20 milliseconds.

This means that the installation dealing with the power breakdown will function without disruption. Such system has found success in numerous critical applications such as Traffic lights power backup.

The battery monitor provides complete control and data logging of the system Battery voltage, Battery charge/discharge current. State of charge of the battery: in Ampere-hour (Ah) or in %, Time to go: the time to go until the battery is flat at the current rate of discharge. Battery temperature (optional), the BMV 501 records the following data regarding performance and use of the battery, average depth of discharge - the deep discharge that occurred - Number of charge/discharge cycles - Number of times that the battery has been fully recharged.

Number of complete discharges - Number of times that the under-voltage alarm has been triggered - Number of times that the over-voltage alarm has been triggered through a remote connection.

The system is compact, environment friendly (no generator meaning no fuel and toxic fumes) and cost effective. The possibility of remote programming and monitoring, makes the back up power system a reliable and safe industrial solution.

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