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article image Power supplies from Snaptec Australia.

SNAPTEC Australia offers a wide range of ac/dc and dc/dc products to the Australian market.

A variety of standard products can be customised to meet the exact requirements for dc and ac power solutions.

The company can manufacture power supplies, dc/dc converters and battery charging systems to special specifications.

Snaptec covers industrial and telecom markets.

Products include:

* Ac/dc power supplies, redundant, rack mount

* Dc/dc converters for industrial and railway applications

* Dc no break battery charging systems

* Sinwave inverters and ac/ac frequency converters with customised input and output voltages

* Dc/dc converters PCB mounted with customised input and output combinations.

Battery charger for dc backup applications

Snaptec has released a new range of dc backup chargers for industrial, remote sites and commercial applications. These chargers are specifically designed to cover all aspects of dc backup.

The product represents a truly unique and comprehensive solution to providing a secure, uninterrupted dc power source with backup battery.

A No-Break dc system ensures continuous dc power and protection for the backup battery.

A No-Break dc system consists of a No-Break dc power supply, coupled with a backup battery. The load is carefully regulated and supplied via intelligent circuitry.

The system incorporates common sense features providing a vastly improved solution over traditional methods of float charger and battery.

The battery is accurately charged, current limited and the charger cannot be overloaded.

Snaptec Australia recently introduced the SR Series III range of switchmode based No Break dc power supplies, which include the added capability to regularly monitor the condition of the standby battery and raise an alarm when appropriate. The features provide many benefits, including minimising the total cost of ownership.

Features of these battery chargers include:

* Independent load and battery regulators

* Temperature compensated battery float voltage

* Battery charge current limiter

* Alarms (relay)

* Battery deep discharge protection - disconnect/reconnect with alarm

* Rapid install/de-install with all connections via Phoenix connector blocks, (for systems <20A)

* Wide input voltage window tolerance

* Precise voltage and current controls

* Compact and lightweight

* High efficiency - (typically >85%) using switchmode technology

* Self-resetting electronic circuit breaker for overload, short circuit or reverse polarity protection

* Conservative design for long life

* ISO9001 design management system

* Optionally available regular battery condition and presence testing at pre-determined intervals (currently 250W and above)

* Customisable 'load vs charge' proportions

* Rack and wall mounting options

* 24 month warranty

* Standard voltages options: 12, 24, 30, 36, 40, 48 and 110V. 100, 250, 500, 750W models offer an excellent range

* High isolation voltage, 1W to 5W single and dual output dc/dc converters.

Snaptec Australia is also offering a range of PCB mounted dc/dc converters with high isolation voltage of 1000V, 3000V, 5500V in various power levels of 1W, 2W, 3W and 6W.

Input voltages of 4.5-9, 9-18, 18-36 and 36-72V dc supply are all available, plus regulated output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 24V dc.

The output voltages are available as single or dual output. The temperature range without derating is -40°C to +80°C on most models.

Snaptec can also offer offer customised dc/dc converters for standard prices.

All dc/dc converters from 0.25W up to 2W, single and dual outputs in SIP4/SIP7 and DIP8/DIP14 cases (isolation from 1.000V to 5.200V dc) can be modified for voltages between 3.3V dc and 48V dc without extra charge.

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