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Smartflo guttering is an all purpose eaves guttering system that designed to collect rainwater from a roof and discharge it via normal downpipes to tanks or drains.

The gutter is a roll formed tubular section into which polymer filters are inserted every 500mm. Stop ends and 90° corners are moulded from the same polymer. Complimenting all architectural styles, Smartflo gutters offer reduced maintenance and cleaner water.

* Minimal Maintenance - while no gutter is 100% maintenance free, the shallow upper profile of Smartflo allows leaves to dry out and blow away under moderate winds, thereby impeding the composting reaction which is responsible for sludge and corrosion. Gum nuts, sticks stones and pine needles are not cleared by the wind. These need to be brushed out of the upper profile as required.

* Longevity - Smartflo guttering will outlast most conventional gutters. The reduced organic breakdown also reduces the corrosive activity on the gutter surface.

* Strength - roll formed from 0.55mm Colorbond steel, Smartflo is thicker in the wall than conventional gutters. The fully enclosed tubular section imparts further structural integrity.

* Cleaner Water - due to its unique design, Smartflo guttering eliminates most debris from the roof, making it the first choice for rainwater harvesting and low maintenance applications.

Testing performed by Dr. Shaun Manning of Newcastle University's Fluid Mechanics laboratory in October 1999 concluded "The test rig was run at a rainfall rate of 190mm/hr with the gutter partly filled with gum leaves and twigs. It was shown that for all roof pitches examined that Smartflo Guttering System was still capable of carrying this significant rainfall roof run-off."

The unique profile optimises the functions of catching roof run-off and clearing leaf and debris from the gutter to avoid organic breakdown.

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