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SmartTrans to roll out ISS e-solution

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Leading provider of applications for the logistics and service industries SmartTrans Limited has been appointed by ISS Hygiene Services to roll-out its e-Solution product nationwide.

SmartTrans Limited is a subsidiary of listed company SmartTrans Holdings Limited (“SMA”).

SmartTrans e-Solution™ delivers an innovative competitive advantage by vastly improving the way service operations are performed and monitored.

“SmartTrans’ systems will provide significant improvements in productivity for the already efficient service operations run by ISS” says Tim Herring, CEO of SmartTrans Limited.

“ISS provides hygiene services to a large range of customers. e-Solution enables the complex schedules to be planned with the push of a button, then downloaded to handheld PDAs. This enables the operators to concentrate on their work whilst the system monitors activities as they happen and provides proof of service,” Herring says. “It really offers the field operators full mobility, with all paperwork captured electronically and transmitted back to base.”

Craig Sheppard, General Manager of ISS Hygiene Services agrees. “We are looking to improve the efficiency of our field operations and to increase our advantage in a highly competitive market.”

“We have been piloting the SmartTrans system in our Melbourne operations with excellent results and are looking to bring the same results to our customer operations around Australia,” Sheppard says. “SmartTrans’ e-Solution gives us productivity improvements in the way we plan and schedule, but it also gives our customers confidence that our contracted work has been carried out promptly.

“This is what our customers want and this is what e-Solution provides.”

For further information contact:

Tim Herring, CEO SmartTrans Limited on 03 9866 7333; or therring@smarttrans.com.au www.smarttrans.com.au

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