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SmartTrans changes gear with new CEO

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SmartTrans Holdings has announced a major change in direction for its technology subsidiary, SmartTrans Limited , with the appointment of former senior Telstra and Motorola executive Tim Herring as chief executive officer.

The appointment marks a significant boost to the company's technology operations.

SmartTrans is a leader in mobile data and route optimisation for fleets. Its major customers include Fairfax, Streets Ice Cream (Unilever), ISS Cleaning (one of the world's largest facilities service groups), Boral and Palm Springs Water.

Announcing the CEO appointment, SmartTrans chairman John Forsyth said Tim Herring was one of the masterminds behind the success of Telecom MobileNet.

"He has more than 20 years experience in this sector and has proven how to take fledgling technology and make it an essential part of everyday business," Mr Forsyth said.

"Tim's unparalleled knowledge of mobile data, systems and technology combined with his strategic mindset and business skills, makes him the perfect leader for a company that intends to lead the Australian market," he said.

New CEO Tim Herring said SmartTrans' sophisticated technology would revolutionise fleet and delivery service systems.

"With rising fuel costs, it's imperative fleets operate more efficiently. The SmartTrans system can deliver 20-30% cost savings to the average fleet manager.

"I've seen and heard it all from technologists, but I've been very impressed with the SmartTrans technology and applications. It's practical, it's proven and its profit potential for fleets is highly compelling.

"With our new integrated product, SmartTrans e-Solution, we can fast-track efficiencies and drive productivity gains for fleet operators. The key is to harness mobile data, proof-of-delivery and routing optimization,” Mr Herring said.

“SmartTrans e-Solution does this and the market will move very quickly to lock in the bottom-line and customer service benefits of this new system.

"Mobile data is a technology whose time has come. SmartTrans intends to push into new markets and establish an enviable place in the Asia Pacific transport and services market," he said.

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