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Sigma Pharmaceuticals appoints SmartTrans to optimise deliveries

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TRANSPORT and Mobility technology company SmartTrans has been appointed by Sigma Pharmaceuticals to supply its SmartTrans e-Route distribution optimisation system to enhance Sigma's delivery process and to combat rising fuel prices.

The SmartTrans product delivers an innovative competitive advantage through reduced supply chain costs and improved customer service. Sigma will introduce it nationwide.

"SmartTrans' systems provide significant improvements in productivity for Sigma's already efficient delivery operations," said Tim Herring, CEO of SmartTrans.

This is especially significant as Sigma Healthcare operates at a net margin of 2.7% of sales. Every $1 million saved is the equivalent of $37 million in sales for the bottom line.

Lisa Calder, Australian Business Director of Melbourne-based Lean Logistics agrees.

"Some companies don't understand distribution optimization," said Ms Calder. "Put simply, if a system can save five times its cost every year, why would you even hesitate? It's a no-brainer.”

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