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Smart Home Controls  is a well established company that provides a range of electrical services to a number of industries all over Australia. Ever since its inception Smart Home Controls has been providing quality services to its clients across Australia. The products that Smart Home Controls provides are widely used in industrial, commercial as well as domestic markets in Australia.

Smart Home Controls distributes and sells a range of wireless switching and dimming systems under the KlikOn-KlikOff brand. These systems are cutting edge products and are designed to be installed in new as well as old buildings. These systems can be installed as a stand alone system or be retrofitted with an older system as an upgrade or as a replacement for the original control system.

These control systems supplied by Smart Home Controls have a multitude of uses and the applications of this range of products are limited by the imagination of the user. By installing these systems customers can control, turn off, turn on and dim the lights installed in a number of areas in a house from a number of positions without installing any extra wiring.

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