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SkypePhone Specialists  is a reputed company that deals in a range of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) products. SkypePhone Specialists primarily deals in Skype products. The Skype voice over internet protocol (VOIP) service is a great way to reduce the call costs for long as well as short distance calls.

Some of the benefits of using Skype to make calls are Skype to Skype calls are free of cost, Skype has great quality in call audio, Skype is Easy to use and it works anywhere. Skype can also be installed on all popular operating systems available in the market. Currently many Hardware and software add-ons currently available for Skype. Skype can also be used as a normal telephone (except for calling emergency numbers) and even cordless phone models are available for making Skype calls.

Skype offers a unique service called Skypein using this a customer can receive a call from a contact in a Skypein services enabled country to call a subscribers Skypein number in Australia. The person calling from the outside country will have to pay only a national call rate even when he is making an international call. In case the call gets terminated midway Skype offers a voicemail service to record messages.

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