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SkypePhone Specialists  offers a range of Skype based voice over internet protocol (VOIP) based products. Using Skype customers can make free Skype to Skype calls. Customers can call even normal telephone numbers anywhere in the world at very low rates using the SkypeOut feature available with Skype.

All the calls that a person makes using Skype are encrypted before transmission this ensures that no third party can intercept these calls thereby enhancing the security of the calls. The Dualphone 3088 from SkypePhone Specialists is a standalone cordless phone for making Skype calls. The Dualphone 3088 can be connected directly to a broadband router or modem. Thereby eliminating the need for a PC. The Dualphone 3088 also operates as an ordinary phone using a PSTN line. Some of the other features of the Dualphone 3088 are caller identification (CLIP), call waiting, message waiting and line sense.

The Skype Chatterbox from SkypePhone Specialists is a portable conference unit for making Skype calls and comes with a full duplex speakerphone with controls for adjusting the volume and muting the microphone.

The YapperMouse from SkypePhone Specialists is designed for notebook users. The YapperMouse is a fully functional phone that also acts as a mouse when a customer receives a call he just needs to pick up the mouse to talk.

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