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Thermal coated roof coolers from SkyCool

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SkyCool  is a manufacturer of thermal coated roof coolers which aid in preventing excess heat entering the building. Roof coolers from SkyCool provide thermal coating above the metal roofs to control the solar heat entering the building. Thermal coated roof coolers from SkyCool are apt for industrial and commercial buildings. Apart from preventing the excess heat entering the roof, Thermal coating on metal roofs from SkyCool also decreases the internal temperature of the building and thus making the room cooler.

Roof coolers from SkyCool conserve energy and cost by reducing the air conditioning power consumption. SkyCool drastically conserves the environment and saves energy by reducing the greenhouse gas generation. Roof cooler from SkyCool is cost-effective, safe for the environment, reduces the internal temperature and eliminates the use of air conditioners. Roof coolers from SkyCool also protect the roof from thermal shock and corrosion.

SkyCool liquid coating contains non-toxic elements and hence it is not harmful to the environment. Roof coolers from SkyCool are widely used in schools, supermarkets, clubs, shopping centres factories and warehouses.

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