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Skycool roof coatings provided for energy consumption field trials

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article image Skycool roof coatings used in Woolworths field trials

In 2002 Woolworths decided to conduct their own field trial using Skycool 's roof coatings in South East Queensland. An independent electrical engineering company provided energy meters to monitor the energy of the air conditioning plants of two supermarkets that were located in close proximity to each other.

Both supermarkets had areas of 3,300 square metres and one received a coating of Skycool to its roof while the other did not. The buildings were constructed and fitted out to standard design criteria, making them ideal for obtaining accurate results of the effect of SkyCool’s roof coatings.

Monthly readings of the air conditioning energy consumption were taken by the engineering company and the data recording project was spread out over more two years.

Results show that throughout the period of the field test, SkyCool’s roof coatings maintained a power consumption level around 47% lower than the building with the uncoated roof.

Aspects surrounding the trial of Skycool’s roof coatings that are important to be aware of:

  • Skycool’s maximum effectiveness would have been hindered by the 75mm (3 inch) sub-roof insulation and the sealed ceiling cavity present in both buildings.
  • Ventilation power, as well as that needed to chill the hot air, was recorded by the energy metres fitted to the air conditioning plants.
  • The buildings contained open refrigerators that would have continually released cold air into the general shopping area.

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