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SkyCool's thermal roof coating trialled on Woolworth's supermarket

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Woolworths Supermarkets have commissioned a firm of engineers to trial SkyCool thermal roof coating on one of their supermarkets. They selected two fully functioning supermarkets in close proximity and of similar size and structure to record actual air-conditioning power usage. One of the supermarkets was coated with the SkyCool thermal roof coatings, while the other was left with it's original coating to use as a test.

The results, provided by Woolworths, showed that the SkyCool coated building has been returning approximately 47% reduction in air conditioning power consumption for more than the last twenty one months when compared to the standard building without the SkyCool coating. The operation of open refrigeration in large supermarkets (as trialled) significantly reduces the base air conditioning load. Thus, in buildings where this does not occur – the majority of large buildings – the beneficial impact of SkyCool’s roof coating may be considerably greater.

Buildings that do not have sub-roof insulation or enclosed ceilings (as did the supermarkets in the above trial) can also benefit from using SkyCool thermal roof coatings.  Non-airconditioned buildings will experience greatly increased comfort levels in hot weather, due to SkyCool t6hermal roof coatings bringing the internal temperature below ambient.

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