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SkyCool thermal coatings too cool for school

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SkyCool , in conjunction with The Department of School Education, has carried out a field trial at Berkeley Vale Public School to evaluate the performance their specialised thermal coatings in a demountable classroom environment.

Portable classrooms are used throughout NSW and are known to overheat in summer, creating an exhausting environment for concentrated education. These demountable classrooms make an ideal 'worst case scenario' to trial the effectiveness of SkyCool's thermal coatings in preventing excess solar heat from entering into buildings.

This scenario was so ideal because unlike warehouses or supermarkets, a lot more of the solar energy enters the occupied space through the walls rather than the roof. Furthermore, sub-roof insulation featured in these classrooms tends to trap in heat entering through windows and walls, as well as internally generated heat. A third reason is that open windows and ceiling fans allow external air exchange, meaning they bring in the hot outside air, setting a challenge for SkyCool to constantly re-cool.

Despite these challenges SkyCool performed exceptionally well in the field trial. The maximum daily temperature of the SkyCool thermal coated room during the occupied period of the trial was maintained at or below ambient external shade temperatures for 84% of the time.

On the hottest day in December the ambient temperature reached 38°C by midday. The SkyCool thermal coated room barely reached 30°C, while the uncoated class rooms peaked at 41°C.

This trial found that SkyCool was significantly more effective at maintaining lower internal temperatures in these portable classrooms than any previously tested heat-repelling or insulating coating.

Moreover, SkyCool was shown to be one of the easiest and cleanest insulating coatings to apply, and there was no need to evacuate the region, or even the room. The liquid thermal coating is water based and contains no toxic components.

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